Saturday at The Beat Megaclub

Open: 8pm to 5am
9 Hours - 7 Bars - 3 Chill out Areas
DJ's: 15 DJ's - 5 Rooms - 7 Bars - 3 chill out areas


Open 7 nights - 677 Ann Street, Fortutide Valley Brisbane 4006 - T: (07) 3852 2661



Guru Dave

Music Type Played:

I prefer House & Electro but honestly I will do whatever it takes to keep a floor going.

Where Have I Played Before:

All over the state and have travelled the world. I have been at this for a long time.

Note from the DJ:

Even though I play all over the club during the week, I urge you to come into Crystals on Friday & Saturday. We play an up to date Commercial Club House & Electro mix. We kick ass!

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