Monday at The Beat Megaclub

DJ's: 2 DJ's
Open: 9pm to 5am
Shows & games at 11:30, 1:00 & 2:30


Open 7 nights - 677 Ann Street, Fortutide Valley Brisbane 4006 - T: (07) 3852 2661



DJ Jake

I started my career at the age of 15 in a local roller skating rink, it was here that I began chasing up imported dance music and introduced it to a crowd that previously only listened to aussie rock radio. My sessions grew popular so I went on to doing mobiles, 21sts, weddings, functions, 18ths, everything.

Once I hit 18 I started in a huge club in Melbourne called "Fosters". Working Thurs, Fri & Sat, we jammed over 2000 party goes in there nightly and partied til 7am. I became known for my play anything attitude. My party goers knew no matter what I’d get thier requests in. I had a 4 yr career there, then moved on to another club in the outskirts of Melbourne called "The Middle".

After doing clubs & pubs from 18 til 25, I wanted a change & went on to do large corporate funstions, along with weddings. I DJed New Year’s Eve in Melbournes city square with over 6000 people, functions for Mercedes Benz, after parties for stage shows like "The Boy From Oz" & Hugh Jackman’s "Beauty and The Beast". No matter what the gig was, I always entertained, from dancing to my tunes, to showing the crowd how to dance the macarena or hit the nutbush!

I moved to Queensland 5 years ago & DJed a strip club for a year before doing a gig at Gold coast gay day, then on to mp’s as thier Tuesday & Sunday night resident. Now i’m at the Beat & loving every minute of it! Also known as the topless DJ, yeah love taking my shirt off & I love to entertain. I’ll play absolutely anything, & dance, sing & totally hype up the crowd, after all they are there to have fun!!! My DJ career has now spanned nearly 28 yrs (yep im old lol) but i’m not slowing totally loving every night I play at The Beat & love the crowd...U guys Rok!!!

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