Monday at The Beat Megaclub

DJ's: 2 DJ's
Open: 9pm to 5am
Shows & games at 11:30, 1:00 & 2:30


Open 7 nights - 677 Ann Street, Fortutide Valley Brisbane 4006 - T: (07) 3852 2661



DJ Chris M

The story so far...

Fusing dance floor bombs with original samples, he aims to play an energy driven set that electrifies the dance floor.  Creating bootlegs on the fly, he draws inspiration from Commercial Chart House, Pop, 80’s floor fillers and Tech and Dutch House.

After spending a couple years mixing and mashing tunes in his bedroom, Chris studied audio engineering at SAE. Whilst at SAE he gained a deeper understanding of sound and how to control it. Eager to put theory into practice, hw jumped at any opportunity to play live. To get his ‘foot in the door’, he started to enter local DJ competitions.

His first couple club gigs outside of the confines of a DJ comp were:

2007 - Bedroom Bangers @ Rockafella’s Nightclub (Fortitude Valley). Hosted and Simulcast by Switch1197

2008 - Supporting Filthy Georgeous @ Planet Nightclub (Fortitude Valley)

When the announcement was made that The Beat Megaclub was seeking entrants for its 2009 DJ competition, the news spread like wildfire throughout Brisbane’s underground community. Bedroom DJ’s from all over Brisbane were jumping at the chance to become a resident at one of Brisbane’s oldest and most established venues. Chris M’s distinctive live mash ups and ability to read his audience placed him in the top 8 of the 86 DJ’s who entered. This result landed him his first residency.

Playing every set as though it’s his last Chris has been working hard at keeping the dream alive. He understands that to achieve anything you require faith and belief in yourself.

“….Come on now – Shake Your Groove Thing”

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