Friday at The Beat Megaclub

Open: 8pm to 5am
9 Hours - 7 Bars - 3 Chill out Areas
Shows: in Crystals and the Cockatoo Club
DJ's: 15 DJ's - 5 Rooms - 7 Bars - 3 chill out areas


Open 7 nights - 677 Ann Street, Fortutide Valley Brisbane 4006 - T: (07) 3852 2661



Dakota Fann'ee

For those who don’t know me, I am Ms Dakota Maria Fann’ee.  My roots extend all the way to the state of greek food and men - Melbourne. After Successfully running and hosting my monthly gay nights in country Victoria, I decided to pack up and move up north. Having only recently arrived from there a mere 7 months ago - The beat has been my second home after Winning - Baby Drag Beat Down Season 2. You can regularly see me on a Sunday with Taylor Ette and The Medea Monroe as we Bring you Sunday Fundays.

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