Friday at The Beat Megaclub

Open: 8pm to 5am
9 Hours - 7 Bars - 3 Chill out Areas
Shows: in Crystals and the Cockatoo Club
DJ's: 15 DJ's - 5 Rooms - 7 Bars - 3 chill out areas


Open 7 nights - 677 Ann Street, Fortutide Valley Brisbane 4006 - T: (07) 3852 2661




After a 4 year break from the Club scene DJ N8 (Nate) once again returns to The Beat Mega Club.
Nate boasts a history of 8 years DJing in The Valley between Technomad/ Matrix, Heaven and The Beat night clubs, with genres including everything from commercial, house, breaks, hard house, hard dance, German trance, hard style and more recently electro.

Many will remember Nate from his headlining days in Wreckers during the System 6 and Advent*jah era, where he played supporting sets between the Clubs for Bexta, Pee Wee Ferris, Alex K, KCB and Paul Holden to name a few.

With 12 years now passed since Nate’s inception in to The Valley, he brings to his sets an evolved mix of both classic and modern style tracks and mixing.
One thing can still be expected of Nate’s sets... They’re guaranteed to take you on a journey.

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